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Social Media Optimization

MAM Soluion Company, Is Focused On Online Marketing And Brand Building For Our Clients. We Connect Client’s Websites To All The Popular Social Networking Sites And Other Community Portals And Conduct The Excellent Online Promotion.

Search Engine Optimization

MAM Solution Is A Professional Leading Company In The Part Of SEO Services In Sri Lanka. Offers Technical SEO Services, To Help Your Company Growth Monetary Values To Enhanced Search Engine Rankings On Search Engines, And Allow You To Focus On Your Business Activities.

Welcome to MAM Solution

MAM Solution is a professional web design company in Sri Lanka which offers all the services related to the web design, development, search engine optimization and digital marketing.

As a web design company in Sri Lanka, we offer wide range of web design services to businesses of any sizes. MAM Solution web design Sri Lanka, We always try to do an attractive and user friendly website to our customers. So our web designs that are meet the international standards.

MAM Solution web design Sri Lanka is known as one of the leading web design company in Sri Lanka. We can offer web design solutions for individuals, corporate clients, small & medium businesses as well as other any kind of organizations around the world.

What We Do

Web Design & Web Development

Specializes in designing and developing world-class websites that enhance your web presence and engage visitors through appealing visuals and latest technologies that helps in meeting your business objectives.

Desktop App Developement

Attractive and user friendly desktop application that are meet the international standards and using new business logic and Technologies.

Web Hosting & Domain Registration

We offer the affordable domain registration & Linux based high secured web hosting service for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Web design in SriLanka for International Standards

Web Design in Sri Lanka for international standards had been our mission from the very beginning. We strive to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies to bring best web design services in Sri lanka for both our local and international clients.
Our expert web designers are proficient in designing websites to work on multiple screen sizes like laptops, desktops, smart phones and tablets.  This approach of one website for all screen sizes is known as responsive web designing. It maximizes your ROI since mobile devices bring more traffic your a website than other devices in present days and it will only get larger in future.

Our web design process starts when you learn about your business in detail, every bit of information that gives and advantage over your competition is carefully extracted and duly highlighted in the website. We focus on usability of the website, we use advanced Ui/UX knowledge to guide your customers towards products and services you want to present to them without any distractions.

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )
Search engine optimization is designing, developing, and optimizing a website to improve its rank in search engines. An optimized website can be easily found by the search engines.

Typically, the internet users click through websites that come in top results of search engines. There are less possibilities for your website to be visited if it is in ranked low by web crawlers. The search engine optimization not only predominantly brings your website to best search result positions, but also helps in bringing the targeted traffic to your website.”

Why do you need a website for your business?

The very first website was published in 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee. Since then the websites have become an essential tool in every day life and in business.

If you are a small business, a website establishes credibility, users will verify your details via the information published in your website and build trust towards your brand.

Unlike other marketing methods, once completed, a website works for your marketing efforts for a relatively long time. Paper ads and other forms of advertisements only work until you pay for them. But your website will keep attracting customers long after the investment is done.

Designing an effective website begins by understanding your business, then an experienced web designer can create a digital representation of your business’s image that your audience will recognize uniquely and unforgettably.

Your website is accessible 24/7 for anyone, anywhere, you can load it with information about your products and services that customers will only call you when it is a must. This saves your time and staff costs managing customers.

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

Through integration with social media, you can communicate and interact with your clients.

Sync your blog posts with Twitter and Facebook or sync your Facebook feed with your website.

Create GDPR compliant mailing lists and newsletters

Managed Multiple Hosting

Don’t know your FTP from your SMTP, no problems, we can also take care of the hosting for you as well, you don’t need to lift a finger.

In order to get the best performance from your website, you need to choose the right type of hosting depending on your sites requirements. We only use hosting partners whose servers are optimised for WordPress but we can still manage your site wherever it is hosted.


We create slick, responsive, mobile ready websites using WordPress. Online stores, booking systems, forums and everything in between.





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We create slick, responsive, mobile ready websites using WordPress. Online stores, booking systems, forums and everything in between.


We have multiple levels of security available to keep your site safe from cyber criminals or infection. Malware scanning, firewalls, out of date plugin detection and more.


We monitor your WordPress website 24/7 to make sure it is up and running. It it goes down, or gets a malware infection, we get an alert and fix the problem.


Need changes and updates made to your website or content, no problems, just send your request in an email and we will do the rest.

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